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Documents de travail 2017

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Oskar KOWALEWSKI, Piotr ŚPIEWANOWSKI (2017) "Stock market response to potash mine disasters"


Yasser MOULLAN, Xavier CHOJNICKI (2017) "Is there a “Pig Cycle” in the labour supply of doctors ? How training and immigration policies respond to physician shortages


Kristiaan KERSTENS, Zhiyang SHEN, Ignace VAN DE WOESTYNE (2017) "Comparing Luenberger and Luenberger-Hicks-Moorsteen Productivity Indicators : How Well is Total Factor Productivity Approximated ?"

dp 2017-03

Kristiaan KERSTENS, Ignace VAN DE WOESTYNE (2017) "Enumeration algorithms for FDH directional distance functions under different returns to scale assumptions"

DP 2017-04

Estelle BELLITY, Fabrice GILLES, Yannick L’HORTY (2017) "Does practicing literacy skills improve academic performance in first-year university students ? Results
from a randomized experiment" - version révisée

Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Hervé LELEU, Zhiyang SHEN, Vivian VALDMANIS (2017) "Performance analysis for three pillars of sustainability"

DP 2017-06

Tomas BALEŽENTIS, Kristiaan KERSTENS, Zhiyang SHEN (2017) "An Environmental Luenberger-Hicks-Moorsteen Total Factor Productivity Indicator for OECD Countries"

DP 2017-07

Jean-François FAGNART, Marc GERMAIN, Benjamin PEETERS (2017) "Can the Energy Transition Be Smooth ?"

DP 2017-08

Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Cyprien DAKOUO, Hervé LELEU (2017) "Comparaison des performances productives entre la zone Euro et les autres pays de l’OCDE"


Mamadou BOUKARI (2017) Opportunistic Policies and Electoral Outcomes : Are there Non-Linear Effects ?"


Nicolas DEBARSY, James P. LESAGE, (2017) "Flexible dependence modeling using convex combinations of different types of connectivity structures"

Mamadou BOUKARI, (2017) "Inefficient policies and short term bias : why we need Optimism"

Adnane ALAOUI, Véronique FLAMBARD, (2017) "Sensorial Marketing : A Comparison between UK and France"


Véronique FLAMBARD, (2017) "Housing Allowances : Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet"


Véronique FLAMBARD, (2017) "Demand for housing choices in the North of France : a discrete approach"


Mamadou BOUKARI, Daniel CAKPO-TOZO, Etienne FARVAQUE, (2017) "“Oh dear ! Oh dear ! I shall be too late !” Popularity Gains as an Incentive to Legislate
Frantically ?"


Etienne FARVAQUE, Franck MALAN, Piotr STANEK, (2017) "Misplaced Childhood :
When Depression Babies Grow Up As Central Bankers "


Kristiaan KERSTENS, Jafar SADEGHI, Ignace VAN DE WOESTYNE, (2017) "Convex and Nonconvex Input-Oriented Technical and Economic Capacity Measures : An Empirical Comparison "

DP 2017-18

Fabrice GILLES, Sabina ISSEHNANE, (2017) "Evaluating the impact of subsidized temporary jobs on labor contract. Evidence from France "

DP 2017-19

Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Gary D. FERRIER, Hervé LELEU, Zhiyang SHEN, (2017) "An Expanded Decomposition of the Luenberger Productivity Indicator with an Application to the Chinese Healthcare Sector "

DP 2017-20

Walter BRIEC, Kristiaan KERSTENS, Ignace Van de WOESTYNE, (2017) "Hypercongestion in Production Correspondences :
An Empirical Exploration "


Mamadou BOUKARI, (2017) "Is strategic optimism good for long term policies ? "- version révisée


Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Hervé LELEU, Edward MENSAH, Karina SHITIKOVA, (2017) "Technological catching-up and growth convergence among US industries "