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Documents de travail 2010

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2010-01 Benchmarking Mean-Variance Portfolios Using a Shortage Function : The Choice of Direction Vector - Kristiaan Kerstens, Amine Mounir, Ignace Van de Woestyne


2010-02 Comparing Efficiency Across Markets : An Extension and Critique of the Zhang and Bartels (1998) Methodology - Ruben Chumpitaz, Kristiaan Kerstens, Nicholas Paparoidamis, Matthias Staat


2010-03 Ensemble Classification Based on Generalized Additive Models - Koen W. De Bock, Kristof Coussement, Dirk Van den Poel


2010-04 Technology-Based Total Factor Productivity and Benchmarking : New Proposals and an Illustration - Mircea Epure, Kristiaan Kerstens, Diego Prior


2010-05 Non-Parametric Frontier Estimates of Mutual Fund Performance Using C- and L-Moments : Some Specification Tests - Kristiaan Kerstens, Amine Mounir, Ignace Van De Woestyne


2010-06 Could Society’s willingness to reduce pesticide use be aligned with Farmers’ economic self-interest ? - Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Hervé LELEU, Oluwaseun OJO


2010-07 The spread of pesticide practices among cost efficient farmers - Jean-Philippe BOUSSEMART, Hervé LELEU, Oluwaseun OJO


2010-08 Directional Measurement of Technical Efficiency of Production : An Axiomatic Approach - Walter BRIEC, Laurent CAVAIGNAC, Kristiaan KERSTENS


2010-09 Malmquist and Hicks-Moorsteen Productivity Indices : An Empirical Comparison Focusing on Infeasibilities - Kristiaan KERSTENS, Bouye Ahmed Moulaye Hachem, Ignace Van de Woestyne