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The LEM is a Mixed Research Unit (9221), it is the result of fusion of two laboratories: UMR 8179 at Lille and EA EQUIPPE at Villeneuve d’Ascq

Historically, UMR 8179 was born in 2006 from the merger of CLAREE (UMR CNRS 8020), a research unit attached to the IAE of Lille and LABORES (URA CNRS 362), a research unit of the Catholic University of Lille.

Below, a link illustrates the historical course of the laboratory.

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The UMR 8179 was a laboratory of economiy/management grouping :

  • Researchers and Teachers-Researchers from two institutions of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Sciences (Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences and IESEG School of Management )
  • Researchers and Teachers-Researchers of an institution of the University of Lille 1 (IAE Lille)
  • Some Teachers-Researchers of the University of Artois

The UMR consisted mainly managers (80 %) with a total size of around 145 Researchers and Teachers-Researchers.

EQUIPPE was meanwhile saving a laboratory gathering :

  • Teacher-researchers from the University of Lille 1
  • Teacher-researchers from the University of Lille 2
  • Teacher-researchers from the University of Lille 3
  • Some Teacher-researchers of the University of Artois

EA consisted of 56 faculty members including about ten statisticians.

The current common UMR is in place since January 1, 2015 .